Repair of sensors and electronic spare parts for cars, tracks and constructional vehicles. Tachometer in Moto, wheels‘ repair, quad bikes, water skiing, and also all forklifts. Repairs of tachometers and electronic elements of agricultural vehicles (combines, tractors, etc.)

Our comapany is a young and ambitious team of people for whom car electronics is a passion. We are still widening our knowledge and improving quality of our services. Thanks to years of experience and solid technical basis we are solving most untypical problems and finding optimal solutions.

  • We offer a written warranty for all the repairs and spare parts used in the repair.
  • We have the newest equipment and essential knowledge in electronics.
  • We avoid using cheap Chinese fakes. We only use original parts and, in some exceptional situations, used parts previously checked by our service (we do not give warranty for the used parts).
  • We offer free diagnostic testing. No costs in case of impracticability of a service. The only cost is the cost of a shipment. We will be satisfied when our help and quality of our service are satisfying to you.
  • We are developing all the time and expanding range of our services, in the same time our competition is behind us.

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Tachometer and LCD displays’ repair

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